Andy Pușcă

“Where love reigns,
the impossible may be attained.”
(Indian Proverb)

About me

Associate Professor, PhD, Dr. ANDY PUȘCĂ


I completed my studies at the School of Law at "Danubius" University in Galați, graduating in 1999. In the same year, I earned a degree in Administrative Sciences from the School of Public Administration at the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest. Following these accomplishments, I promptly assumed the role of a professor.

Despite having practiced law, I ultimately returned to my initial passion—teaching. I engaged in collaborations with various esteemed higher education institutions, delivering lectures at some of the most prestigious universities in Romania. Fond memories linger from my remarkable professional journey, particularly during my time at the National Institute of Magistracy, where I oversaw the training of aspiring magistrates. Subsequently, I had the privilege of teaching the civil law course at both the National School of Political and Administrative Studies in Bucharest and the Police Academy.

Remaining true to my connection with Galați, in 2008, I made the decision to channel all my energy into realizing a bold vision for the time. This choice unfolded in the midst of intense competition among Romanian higher education institutions, and it materialized here at "Danubius" University in Galați.

Through the use of effective strategic measures and by finding alternative solutions, we successfully managed to diversify our offers and change our approach. And all of this was thanks to our dedicated staff, enthusiastic students and alumni attached to our University.

I suggest adopting a forward-thinking perspective for the future of "Danubius" University, a contemporary institution that seamlessly integrates age-old higher education traditions. Let us embody a proactive project manager mindset across all levels—be it in education, research and development, innovation, or services.

Internationalization, entrepreneurship, open and online are the pillar terms that will support and direct our determination to fulfill the mission objectives of "Danubius" University, the university that has managed to connect to the global community through the quality, professionalism, enthusiasm and involvement of its people : students, teachers, non-teaching staff, graduates.

I will continue, as President of the Board of Directors, together with my team, to maintain "Danubius" University, a university that invests in education, trains intelligence and resists all challenges, with dynamism and enthusiasm!


Danubius University will be recognized as an international university of excellence with an agenda to enhance humanity and transform Europe and the world.

The path I follow

"Through everything I do, through what I think and feel, I promote the modern teacher and student, oriented towards the world economy."

The University in which I believe

Danubius University promotes knowledge and innovation by providing an outstanding learning experience, regardless of the age, level of training or learning style of its students and clients.
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